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Petition (a very seriuos matter- very sad either) - L' étrouche
Petition (a very seriuos matter- very sad either)

This poor dog is part of a "work of art" made by Mr Guillermo Habacuc. The work of art consist of: A DOG DESTINED TO DIE OF HUNGER IN FRONT OF A CROWD OF CURIOS PEOPLE EXPERT OF PSEUDO-ART. (the walls around are covered up with writing made by cutting the boxes of dog food).

Please note, ladies and gentlemen, that this *brilliant* idea has been the cause of the fact that Habacuc has been called to attend the Biennial of Central America in 2008, representing his own country.

(if something *like that* would represent my country, I IMMEDIATELY would have changed nationality)

Anyway there's a petition against this *work* which is utterly inhuman and cruel and it has NOTHING to do with art.

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