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Meningitis. I saw a girl, she was one year younger than me, she… - L' étrouche

Meningitis. I saw a girl, she was one year younger than me, she died when she was 16 and I was 17. She called herself Martina, just like me. I didn't know her much, but I'll nver forget her sudden death.

And now seem to me quite the same situation:

Goffredo, the friend of mine who has lived 10 mounth in California, had this rommate he had known for 3 weeks (just the time to come back from US and find himself a home). She got the fever on tuesday. On wednesday she was in coma. Now she's a little better, we are waiting for news. She shared her own room with Goffredo, who's out of risk now, but he hasn't got he heart to go back home and sleep there (even if the national health service told him he could, for the bacterium dies in open air)...So he's sleeping now into my roommate room, while Chiara is sleeping in my room.

Another friend of mine is sleeping with Goffredo tonight in the same room. He met this girl on sunday. On wednesday he  has known the fact she was in coma. The doctor told him "If you got the fever, go straght to the ospital". And this very moment he had the fever. I can only imagine how he was scared. But it was only tonsillitis, thanks god.

Goffredo told me about the girl's parents. Her father is a professor in medecine, he was- alas, what a sarcastic faith- involved into the commission to decide if the meningitis vaccin should or should not be obbligatory in Italy. An he was supporting the "No" cause, "There are just a few cases a year, why put it obligatory then". Now he's here, probably he won't sleep at night. I think about my parents in such a situation. Then I turn off my mind, I don't want to think anymore.

I want to sleep. And maybe dream. Dream away.

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