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Puppini Touch (Chez Maurizio Costanzo Sciò) - L' étrouche
Puppini Touch (Chez Maurizio Costanzo Sciò)

    If you'll ever read this, I mean you, my beloved anglophone and francophone friends, please remember: you are lucky enough not to know anything about Maurizio Costanzo. The mustachious man, who happens to be a sort of boss into one of the main private channels we have in Italy, once was a little brilliant, then he married some kinda wo-Man, then again he became the artistic diretor (or something like that) of Channel Five and turned it into some all-reality-low-quality show.

    This evening for instance you could have seen in his own show what my utterly sharp tongue would not hesitate to define a runway of mediocrity. The main theme was soap operas made in Italy. I saw actors (if my acting teacher'd have caught me defining them as "actors", he'd have fired me immediately, I assure you) like Ettore Bassi (http://www.cinecitta.it/news/documenti/immagini/2006/08/pernondimenticarti_1.jpg), a mono-expressive actor which use this only-one-expression in every sort of situation, doesn't matter if he must play Saint Francis or if he has to run a program for kids. Or Paolo Calissano (http://www.emamanagement.it/CALISSANO%20PAOLO%203.jpg), a failed man, failed as can be a man not remembered for his great talent but for he has watch death in the eyes once because of drugs (I don't mean to be sarcastic about him, he just makes me sad. I hope he'll grow as an actor someday really).
    Brief, a tracking shot of soap actors. (I even had a laugh when big Maurizio has mistaken the definition of soap/telenovelas. Oh yes I did an exam on that subject and he was *totally wrong*).

    20 minutes to the end, the Puppini Sisters arrive. And the paths has soon changed!
    Now, if you were there, with me in front of the tv, you can now easily guess what I mean for "class". They just sang Crazy in Love and Spooky, but the way they move, the way they act, the way they stare, the way they show themselves was thousand levels higher than everyone who was in the room tonight. Just to give you a rough idea, while the Puppini were working having fun (especially Kate, I saw her full of energy tonight) it's clear to the odience that all the others don't know the meaning of being humble, they give you the idea that they're sure to be some kinda great stars if you know what I mean (one of them compared a couple of them to "Gerard Depardieu" and "Robert de Niro" in Novecento by Bertolucci), maybe only Sara Ricci  gives the idea of being little less concentrated on herself. Anyway her acting is bad, and there's nothing to do about it.
...when you just need to see the Puppinis taking a bow to be ipnothized by them. I guess, the girls got potential. I bet Kate and Marcella and Stephanie, even though they are musicians and not actresses, could be able to act much better then a good lot of those who were on stage tonight, mostly gifted by a mono-expressive face and voice. I watch 'em singing. And I know you can tell a good actor from the gesture, the staring, the voice and the energy . Very well they got it all, for they worked hard to be where they are now. They were the only *real* artists on that stage.

That's what I call the Puppini Touch.

(In conclusion, please watch this: http://it.youtube.com/watch?v=CsCgEWKDz88- Thanks alice!!!)
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