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20 March 1985
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AWWWWW!!! that's my 4th journal, you know!!! I'm a writer, not a caterpillar!
Ok, ok, ok, I'll be brief: I'm Meltea Keller, I was born in Italy and there I'm still standing even if I had my Bohème in Paris for 5 mois. I come from Florence, I'm trying (hard?) to graduate, then maybe I'll escape in England trying to find a job as a screenwriter/director, which actually is my job (I've co-directed a short fictional movie in Paris and I have been the director's aid in a documentary). Trying hard to work also for theater, being myself an actress as well (I'm building up myself a good diction, feeling very Eliza Doolittle...). Oh yes, I got a repertoire but quite useless for I ain't got a job yet! :-P. BUT when I got one, I'm well determined to build up my version of "Pygmalion" and "The Petrified Forest" someday (the only great problem is to find a good leading actor being myself too much accustomed to Leslie Howard, I'm surely requiring too much...!) and a short post-post modern three-act comedy I still have to write (but it's all in my mind now) called "Murded, she hamlet". what else to confess? http://www.myspace.com/melteakeller, you can always find me there :-P